Commissioned painting for “All of Us” program

I am excited to announce that I was commissioned to create a painting that will be featured in the All of Us event for the National Research Institute of Health. #nri #nationalresearchinstitute

The painting is titled “In Lak’ech Ala K’in”, a Mayan saying meaning; “You are another me”. The canvas is sized 36×36, in Acrylic paint. I decided to split the portrait as a representation of the title. Inclusion and diversity in the medical & health industry is in need of inclusion and outreach. I believe the features on the women in portrait I painted represents the minority community.

The ​All of Us​ Research Program is launching nationally on May 6th, 2018 ( ) at Union Station KCMO, from 12-5pm. FREE EVENT FOR THE FAMILY!

To commemorate this historic day, live launch events will be hosted in multiple cities across the United States.

The goal of ​All of Us​ is to permanently change the face of medicine and health care and to ensure ​everyone​ is equally represented in medical research.

My artwork will be blown up to 8’ x 8’, and displayed beside an adjacent photo booth, where participants can take and print photos of themselves. My resulting mural will be divided down the center, creating space (a 4’ x 8’ canvas) to be covered in tiny “selfie” photos that are tinted to correspond to the original image. The resulting mosaic will represent one of the core principles of ​All of Us​: we are all unique, but by coming together we can create something great.

Following the conclusion of the event on May 6th, the completed mosaic artwork will be donated for permanent exhibit at a prominent site, possibly the Smithsonian Institution. #joinallofus #participaenallofus