Art Exhibitions

FIRST FRIDAY| 06.01.18

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This #firstfriday join us at #batesmortgagegroup 325 Southwest Blvd, KCMO. 5pm-8pm. First 10 people domyhomework will receive a FREE hand painted Wine glass! 🍷🎨 #artista_vaniasoto


Country Club

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Bank Patio Party! 🎨

youtube downloader cerdas

(Official kick-off event for the Plaza Art Fair)

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style=”color: #6a6c6e; font-size: 16px” alt=””>9/22/17 Sold four pieces at the event! We all had a wonderful time at the event. Hope to be invite back soon!

CCB Patio Party 

Exhibiting at Union Station with the Fringe KC Festival:

Thank you for everyone who came:

July 16th -30th, In the main domyhomework hall at Union Station.

Visual Artist exhibit
Visual artist exhibit, from paintings to Photography!